Montag, 28. November 2016

They're Not People, They're Moroccans!

We have taken some time to write about what happened in Palermo around three weeks ago, when the Coast Guard vessel Dattilo brought 1,048 migrants into Palermo. It has taken some time to digest the violations adopted as a systemic, inhuman practice, and above all we were concerned with providing some relief and support to those who are otherwise forgotten, to those who Italy and Europe considers as worth less than animals. We can write about it now by starting from the anonymous letter which was provided to us by a volunteer present at the port.

Freitag, 18. November 2016

Migrant Sicily Newsletter, October 2016

  • Commemorating the Victims, Shutting Out the Survivors: Fortress Europe's Crocodile Tears
  • Sicily: An Improvised Reception System Producing Inhumane Detention and Illegal Practices
  • Militarised Coasts and Invisible Borders: The Fatal Tools of a Europe Turning Its Back on Migrants
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Dienstag, 15. November 2016

Market Commodities: Unaccompanied Minors Fleeing Without Any Protection

“I got out of Italy. Now I'm in a safe country.” 'A's message arrives early in the morning, a young Eritrean man who we met at Pozzallo and then followed throughout his first month at a centre for minors in the province of Syracuse. From the moment he arrived, 'A' had continued to repeat the first sentence he heard in Italian: “You are in Italy, a safe country.”

Market Commodities: Surviving in a System of Rejection

'A's story can be found repeated in many other places in Sicily, a story which includes not only minors but also women and men who have been here for many months and “rejection” from the very centres that were meant to welcome them. In the last few weeks more than 1,000 migrants arrived at the port of Catania, 850 on Sunday alone, on board the Bourbon Argos, and 288 a few days later, along with 20 bodies.

Donnerstag, 10. November 2016

Palermo: Fifty Expelled Migrants Wandering Aimlessly, No Money for the Trip


Alert from voluntary associations: “This system is creating invisible people.”

The 250 North Africans, mainly from Morocco, who arrivedon board the Dattilo on Monday morning along with a further 798migrants, after being left at the port for almost 30 hours, spent a second night in the city, under the cold wind and rain with an expulsion notice in hand. In law they now have seven days to “voluntarily remove themselves”. The clock began from when they entered Italy without any right to a form of protection. Among them there are also 3 Libyans.

Freitag, 4. November 2016

Contradictions and Violations of Human Rights in the Pozzallo Hotspot


This is the first report from the Overthefortress campaign in South Italy, from the Province of Ragusa.

It includes an interview with Giuseppe Cannella from Doctors for Human Rights (MEDU*) as well as Lucia Borghi from Borderline Sicilia.

Hard to Accommodate: Agrigento

Looking over the most recent data, it seems that the practice of handing out rejections is once again in fashion at the Sicilian police stations. Last week there were rejections of 26 Moroccans and 3 Algerians in Agrigento, having arrived at Porto Empedocle on the ferry from Lampedusa. Along with them there was a Tunisian who was arrested as a “suspected boat driver”. On the ship connecting the Pelagian islands and Sicily there were also around 20 foreign unaccompanied minors, who will have joined the veritable army of minors hosted by the vast numbers of housing communities in the Province of Agrigento, even claiming a record for the number of centres of 'first reception' for minors, opened as usual in a situation of emergency.